Seriously.. banggood.com bought 100 of these super cheap from TFL during covid ..

We dealers pay more importing them than their sell price !! ..

Do yourself a favor and buy the rtr from them..

then come here for the upgrades to go fast :)

we currently hold no stock of these hulls.


>>1133 Zonda FibreGlass

*Twin: Fibreglass complete ( less radio & battieries) $1422.75

*FibreGlass complete hull & hatch only $599AUD

*FibreGlass Hatch 109AUDonly$

>>1133  Zonda CarbonFibre

Twin: CarbonFibre complete(less radio & batteries) $ checking AUD

CarbonFibre hull & hatch only $885AUD

3674 KV2075 & Motor 120A ESC

Length:1040 Beam:305 Depth:140